Humidification Option
Canister Filling Option


humidifier 4000.jpgThe humidification option allows specific Relative Humidity (RH) levels to be added to the output gas of the system. RH levels between 0 - 95% can be achieved. The humidifier is factory calibrated for a specific RH level to an accuracy of 5% (assuming a constant flow rate and gas temperature), and is NIST traceable.

The humidification option is rear panel mounted and consists of a humidifier and a 250mL gravity feed D.I. water reservoir. The humidifier is made from a water vapor permeable tube made of Nafion (a Teflon derivative). The humidification option incorporates a continuous purge path to prevent moisture build-up and condensation.


  • Adjustable humidity level
  • Multiple flow rate calibrations
  • Temperature controlled water circulator

Environics now also offers a stand alone humidification system! Check it out!!


The Canister Filling option allows the gas mixing/dilution system to fill a canister to a particular pressure. The system will stop automatically when the desired pressure is reach, and even allows the desired pressure to be changed while filling.

For most systems, this option uses a mechanical pressure switch, which is adjusted to the desired pressure.


  • Low level VOC storage
  • Canister conditioning for VOC storage
  • Storage of low level multi-blends from high level gases
  • Simulate actual ambient R.H. level conditions in gas mixtures