Series 4000 Gas Mixing System -
Instrument Control Dynamic Link Library

Operate your Series 4000 or 4040 instrument directly from within your own software

The Environics Series 4000 Instrument Control DLL provides the ability for custom software applications to configure and operate the Environics Series 4000/4040 family of instruments. By eliminating the need to use the standard Series 4000 operating software provided with the instruments, you can easily integrate the Series 4000 instruments into your existing applications. The Series 4000 Instrument Control DLL is a 16/32 bit DLL, which will run under Microsoft Windows 3.1, or Windows 9x, and supports any Windows programming environment that allows calling a DLL, such as Visual Basic, Labview, HP VEE, and many others.

The Instrument Control DLL provides 2 distinct methods of communicating with the Series 4000 instrument: direct communication and indirect communication. With the direct communication method, the DLL communicates directly with the instrument through a standard PC serial port. If a standard PC serial port is available, this is the preferred method to use since it is the easiest to implement. For specific instances where a standard PC serial port is not available, the indirect mode can be used. In the indirect communication mode, the DLL does not communicate directly with the instrument. Rather, it returns a list of the required Series 4000 protocol commands to the main application and depends upon the main application to handle communications with the instrument. This method would be used if your system implements its own communication interface with special hardware, or wherever nonstandard communications are used.

Both a 16 and 32 bit DLL are provided along with a printed manual that includes complete documentation of all the DLL functions and their use. Functions are grouped together by the types of operations they perform and are listed in the order they are typically used. In additional, a series of examples, written in Visual Basic, is provided to demonstrate how to use the various functions.

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