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January 15, 2018

Environics Inc. Announces New Majority Stockholder

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Tolland, CT - Environics Inc is pleased to announce that Rachel Stansel has recently acquired ownership of the company, including all shares previously held by Terry and Cathy Dunn.  Both Terry and Cathy sold their ownership as they prepare to retire in May. We are proud to keep Environics as a family business, moving to its second generation of ownership. Both Terry and Cathy will continue to be involved in Environics into the future through their service on the Board of Directors.

For more information, please contact Environics, Inc. at (860) 872-1111 or online at http://www.environics.com

Environics, Inc. is a world leader in computerized gas flow instrumentation, with headquarters for design, manufacturing, sales and service in Tolland, Connecticut.  Founded in 1986, Environics, Inc. currently employs 21 employees.  Utilizing Environics innovative technologies, systems offer an exceptionally high level of accuracy and repeatability.  Thousands of Environics’ systems are currently in the field.  In addition to uses in standard applications, the company has developed an extensive library of custom designed systems and solutions to meet customers' needs.


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January 15, 2018

Environics Inc Announces New Majority Stockholder

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Environics Inc Announces New Majority Stockholder

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