Gas Dilution System and Gas Divider

4000_front_view-resized-600.jpgEnvironics® Gas Dilutors and Gas Dividers automatically generate precise gas standards for rapid multi-point calibration of analyzers. With an accuracy of +/- 1% and repeatability of +/- .05% of setpoint, each system's mass flow controllers are factory calibrated using a computer controlled primary flow standard traceable to the United States' National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). The calibration data consists of an eleven-point comparison of commanded versus actual flow with linear interpolation between the points. Units are most commonly customized for use as Automotive Gas Dividers, VOC Dilutors and Continuous Emissions Monitoring (CEM) Calibrators.

Units can now be ordered or retrofit to run on a 24V power source so you can use your unit anywhere.

Series 4040 Computerized Gas Dilution System

The Environics® Series 4040 is a computerized gas dilution system that automatically generates precise gas standards for rapid multi-point calibration of analyzers. The gas mixes can be used in generating precise gas calibration standards, creating gaseous atmospheres or producing gas mixes for analytical research or production purposes. The Series 4040 can produce gas concentrations from percent to parts per billion levels for single or multi-point calibration.

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