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Great Job with our 3 gas dividers that we currently have in our service center. I've been having Environics do our yearly calibrations / service for 14 yrs, and they've done a super Job assisting us in Siemens thru all my years. Thank you Rachel and entire team.

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Homero Gomez, Sr.Field Service Technician 


At Gas Sensing Solutions Ltd we have been using the Environics 4040 Gas Dilution System for over 12 years. The reliability, accuracy and operational duration of 4040 unit is second to none. GSS run a 24/7 365 days calibration and cross check validation process using eleven x 4040. For us there simply is no better system than Environics, which is backed by an incredible customer service team with a clear ethos geared towards creating customer delight. Yearly certification is also efficient and crucially with minimal turnaround time.

Jim Walker Design Engineer, Graeme Addison Operations and Quality Manager, Dr David Moodie Ph.D. CTO


Environics has been a valued service and instrument supplier for our agency for over 10 years.  They have supplied our agency with calibration instrumentation for our air quality monitoring program.  We rely on their product line of calibrators to certify our daily field data collection to meet stringent EPA requirements.  Their turnaround time for service and certifications has been exceptional.  They are very responsive to our questions and concerns, supportive with troubleshooting, quick with scheduling and quotations; overall, an exceptional vendor. We are extremely fortunate to have Environics in close proximity to our laboratory and have been able to develop a strong working relationship with them.


 Michele Chaffee, Mark Demko, and Pete Babich


"I have been dealing with Environics for 7 years now and it has been a real pleasure doing business with them. Their instruments have been always reliable, their service prompt and punctual, and their customer care department gracious and professional. They have always delivered on time and gave us immediate notification when any issue arose. The helped us out troubleshooting issue via phone/email on a number of occasions which saved us a tremendous amount of time, money and kept our production on schedule. Keep up the good work!"

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Alberto Donzelli, Ph.D.


"We have been using Environics for over 15 years.  The Model 4040 diluters have proven to be very durable and reliable instruments creating tremendous flexibility for a company like us to deal effectively with multiple regulations, sources, and situations.  We have integrated Environics gas dilution systems into our standard mobile laboratories and plan to continue as we expand and evolve.  Environics provides great customer service alongside their reliable equipment.  Air Hygiene greatly appreciates the support and service provided from Environics."

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Quinn Bierman
Air Hygiene

"The Flux Lab has been using the 4000 series blender for 3 years now to calibrate and benchmark the performance of atmospheric greenhouse gas analyzers. The software allows us to set up multi-day experiments to determine accuracy, precision, and drift across all of our equipment. Our blender has always been reliable and is a big asset in our lab."

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Chris MacIntrye
Earth Science Department
St. Francis Xavier University


“We use the S-4000 in industrial gases detection, such as NH3, NO2, etc., and those research have been published in peer-reviewed journals! Thank you for providing us with this great instrument!”

University of Connecticut

Ying Wang, PhD
Chemical, Materials & Biomolecular Engineering
University of Connecticut


"“I have been in source testing for over 15 years, and have to deal with analyzers on a daily basis.  Without a doubt, Paul and Environincs has the best service department.  We are currently in the process of budgeting for the purchase of another Environinc 2000 model.  I can most assuredly say that we will be purchasing this model from you by the end of the year.  It is very refreshing to have customer support for these analyzers.”

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Craig McKenzie, QSTI, Senior Project Manger, GEL Engineering LLC


"My experience with Environics products and staff throughout 15+ years is that they are superior.  In the field, their Model 2020 Gas Dilution system has delivered consistent, accurate, and reliable gas mixtures traceable to EPA Protocol 1 every time.  I have saved countless man hours and money not maintaining a large gas cylinder inventory.  Versatile, Accurate, Economical, and Reliable?  Enough said!!"

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Steve Croghan, Sr. Project Manager, Air Measurement Services

TRC Environmental Corp.


"We have two pieces of equipment from Environics, a ZAG and a custom-designed gas mixer,and our experience with both has been very good. Our gas mixer is more complex than the standard model, and was therefore custom designed for us. The final design does everything we needed it to and more while retaining the ease of use usually found only with well established systems. The customer support has been wonderful. Shortly after receiving our gas mixer, representatives from Environics visited to help us install it and train us. Their help was invaluable in getting the system up and running quickly. The fan on our ZAG malfunctioned, and customer support helped us diagnose the problem quickly and easily, and they sent us a replacement very promptly. We have been using the system full-time for almost 2 years. We've been very happy working with Environics."


Erica Neiser, M.S. Student

Robert G. Kelly, Professor & CESE Co-Director, Department of Materials Science & Engineering


"Our gas mixer turned out to be one of the easiest installations we ever had, something that seemed very complicated and intimating turned out to be a true “turnkey” operation.  The sales, operational, and design staff, were all readily available and made the job simple.  Time lines were met, and to date everything is working as it should. Would certainly have no issue dealing with Environics in future."


Leonard E. Lombardi, Vice President