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Environics Profile Part 4 : Phil

Posted by Dr. Rachel Stansel on Fri, May 20, 2011 @ 11:15 AM

Today, we continue our series of profiles on the people who are Environics with a look at Phil, our Mechanical Designer.

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Environics Profile Part 3 : Mary Lou

Posted by Dr. Rachel Stansel on Fri, Apr 29, 2011 @ 01:08 PM

Welcome to the third part of the ongoing "Who are We?" series, a chance for you to "meet" the people who are Environics.  Today, we focus on Mary Lou, our Regional Sales Manager. 

Joining Environics back in 1997, Mary Lou began working on the production floor building systems.  After a short time, she joined our Sales Team, where the combination of her friendly personality and her understanding of the Environics systems made her a natural!  Mary Lou is now a Regional Sales Manager and enjoys working with customers and potential customers to create just the right system.  Some of the most interesting projects she has worked on that require specific gas blends have been corrosion testing on metals, growing skin/cell cultures, R&D work for welding gas pipelines and hypoxia simulation.  

When asked what she enjoys most, Mary Lou said, "I love working with people and have learned so much from my customers and coworkers."

Outside of work, she stays busy with her two beagles, black lab and "a very old cat."  She has participated in the MS Walk for the past 10 years, was a Big Sister for 4 years and bowled with a team for the Special Olympics.

Stay tuned for Part 4...Coming soon!

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Environics Profile Part 2 : Paul

Posted by Dr. Rachel Stansel on Mon, Apr 04, 2011 @ 12:08 PM

Welcome to our second "Who Are We" profile.  Today we will focus on Paul, our Service Manager.

Paul joined Environics in August of 1992 as a sub-assembler.  Since then, he has held a number of positions including full scale system assembler,  production supervisor,  member of our sales team and Technical Services Coordinator. The varied roles he has held give him a full understanding of both the company and our systems.

In 2008, Paul was promoted to the Service Manager position he holds today.  In addition to working with existing customers to keep their instruments in tip-top condition, he supervises a service technician and our flow calibration technician.

The main goal of the service dept is to continually assess and improve the efficiency of the service schedule.  Many customers do not have a backup system, and Paul works with his team to minimize the downtime they experience.  His goal is to get customers' instruments recalibrated or diagnosed and repaired and back to them as efficiently as possible. 

In his free time, Paul is an avid golfer, snowmobiler and pool player.  His pool team is headed to Las Vegas to play in the BCA Nationals this May!

Stay tuned for Part 3 next week!

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Environics Profile: Who are we?

Posted by Dr. Rachel Stansel on Mon, Mar 28, 2011 @ 02:32 PM

Today will be the first of a continuing series of "Who Are We?" stories to share with you the people who are Environics.

First up is Tom, our Director of Engineering.  Tom joined Environics in 1991 as a Production Technician and became the Director of Engineering in 1993. With a BS in Electronic Engineering Technology, Tom is most often found working with customers to develop custom systems as well as designing our next generation of systems.

Currently, Tom is working on a HMI (human machine interface) version of ROBD2, tentatively named ROBD3. This system will have a 10.4" color touch screen display and the pulse oximeter information will be integrated into this display. The instrument will have updated communications, including Ethernet.  We plan to unveil a demo of this system at the upcoming Aerospace Medical Association meeting, Booth 307 (May 9-11 in Anchorage).

In addition, Tom has been performing a digital flow controller evaluation for the new Series 5000.  The Series 5000 is our next generation gas blender.  His evaluation focuses on long term drift and repeatability to make sure our strict requirements are met.  Like the ROBD3, the Series 5000 instruments will have 5.7" color touch screen display.

When asked to share a bit about himself, Tom said, "I like the feeling I get when I bite into a York Peppermint Patty." 

Stay tuned in future weeks as we "introduce" you to each of the people who are Environics!

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