Gas Mixers and Gas Blenders

4000_front_view-resized-600.jpgEnvironics® Gas Mixers and Gas Blenders automatically blends gases to generate precise gas calibration standards, create gaseous atmospheres or produce gas mixes for research or production purposes. Each component concentration may be independently varied in response to user commands. With an accuracy of +/- 1% and repeatability of +/- .05% of setpoint, the Series 4000 can produce gas concentrations from percent levels to ppb for single or multi-point calibration.

Series 4000 Computerized Multi-Component Gas Mixing System

The Environics® Series 4000 is a multi-component gas blending system that automatically mixes up to seven (7) individual gases in a balance gas. The system consists of two components: the Series 4000 instrument and the user's personal computer. The user interface is a Microsoft® Windows application that communicates with the Environics® system via a USB interface.

conc mode software 4000.jpg