Other Custom Applications

Custom Applications


Humidication System was developed to create a humidified environment in a test chamber. This chamber would be used as a changing room for astronauts.

Calibrate mercury vapor and mercuric chloride sensors

System designed for the calibration of handheld monitors, which have mercury vapor and mercuric chloride sensors. Both of these gases, in vapor form, will "stick" to most materials. The system designed with 200° C heated gas path. Housed in the system were two Environics high purity permeation ovens to emit the dry vapor form of the gases from disposable liquid permeation ovens devices.


Testing of corrosive gases with humidified gas blends

Testing of corrosive gases with humidified gas blends This system is used to test corrosive gases on metals with humidified gas blends. The blends were created from cylinder gases and permeation devices.


Simulation of human breath

Simulation of human breath System provides an adjustable humidified gas mixture to a breath simulator for the purpose of simulating a human breath.


Optic Research

Optic Research The Reduced Oxygen Delivery Device (RODD) was designed to evaluate the visual effects of mission-relatable exposure to ambient corneal hypoxia before and after LASIK.


Gas sampling from multiple locations

Gas Sampling from multiple locations Draws gas samples in from multiple locations and supplies them to a gas analyzer through a common gas line. System also controls the flow rate of each individual gas.


Cancer research

Developed a system to test the effect of Oxygen on liver cancer cells at various gas blends.

Interference testing

System to be used for interference testing for research and development of chemical and gas sensors.

Semiconductor/Photovoltaic gas blending

Supply a dynamic doping gas blending system for semi-conductor and photovoltaic applications.

Ultra-high purity permeation/humidification system

System configured with ultra-high purity, disposable and liquid filled perm devices and adjustable humidification. The system was designed for sensor development using chemical & bio-chemical warfare agents

Semiconductor gas blends

Gas blending system used, indirectly, in the production of high quality semiconductor grade gases. Mixing system used to calibrate gas analyzers which quantify the impurities in semiconductor grade gases.

Exhaust Gas Simulation

System was used to humidify gases at very high heat to simulate exhaust gas for the purpose of calibration and research.

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