Welding Applications

Welding Gas Mixing Applications

(Shield Gas Mixing)

At Environics, we know it is essential that your shielding gas mixes be reliable and accurate in order to guarantee your desired weld quality.

Our Series 3000 Gas Mixing and Delivery system provides for precise mixing of shield gases for welding.  Whether you utilize a two gas blend of CO2/Ar, O2/Ar, or He/Ar or a three gas blend of CO2/O2/Ar and CO2/He/Ar, the high accuracy and consistency of our mixers makes them the units of choice for all of your welding. 

With the increased cost and decreased accessibility of Helium, the ability to closely monitor the blend and reduce waste provides additional cost savings.


Flexibility:  Environics’ systems automatically blend and dilute gases to generate precise gas mixes.  The Environics® Series 3000 Gas Delivery/Blending system offers on-site gas blending of 100% pure bulk gases and is configured to provide a solution to using costly premixed cylinders of gas.

Although two and three gas mixtures are most common, gas mixtures of more constituents can be produced. The primary benefits of the system are cost savings in using pure gases versus premixed cylinders as well as the accuracy and repeatability of the mixture. 

Whether you use a variety of different two or three gas blends or a single blend, the component concentration can be independently varied in response to your commands.  Customization of our systems is always possible.

Accuracy: Our gas mixing technology is based on very precise control of thermal mass flow controllers (EFC202). Normally, thermal mass flow controllers offer an accuracy +/- 1% of full-scale flow. However, when combined with Environics computerization and calibration, this accuracy specification is improved to +/- 1% of setpoint. The Full-scale error vs. Setpoint error document shows the 10x improvement in accuracy of a thermal mass flow controller when using Environics controlling technology.

Consistency:  Our systems have a repeatability of +/-0.05% of full scale.

Both accuracy and consistency are dependent on total flow rate.

Price Savings:  By using pure gases in place of expensive pre-mixed blends, your system will help pay for itself.  In addition, the Series 3000 provides a controllable positive pressure to meet the requirements of a process downstream. The mixer can be configured to provide gas to a ballast tank, turning off and on as the pressure rises and falls in the tank. This is useful for gas conservation, when the demand for gas is sporadic or intermittent in use.

Oxygen Clean:  The Series 3000 has an optional oxygen compatible construction, and others systems can be cleaned for oxygen service as well.  We highly recommend cleaning of all components for systems that will be subjected to oxygen levels above 25%.

Optional Alarms:  An optional visual and/or audible alarm can be installed onto the top of the instrument to alert the operator of specific fault conditions. A condition that would trigger an alarm is if the interpreted concentration from the optional flow meters falls outside a user adjustable tolerance. 

Custom Systems: We have thousands of systems in the field and have developed an extensive library of applications and solutions to meet our customers' needs.  Optional features, including remote operation, alarms or a gas humidifier are available.  

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