Silicon Coated Gas Path

Silicon Coated Plumbing

Silicon surface treatment of the gas path eliminates surface adsorption of active compounds like sulfurs, H2S, ammonia and mercury on stainless steel surfaces. Also know as Silcosteel®/Sulfinert® or SilcoNert 1000/2000, coating the gas path also improved efficiency, reduces moisture contamination and prolongs unit life. A coating is often used in combination with a heated flow path and/or the purge circuit.


Common applications include

  • Stack and flare sampling
  • Environmental testing
  • Oil and gas downhole sampling
  • Refinery & petrochemical monitoring & control
  • Wherever precise, reliable product sampling and transfer is needed.

Environics is proud to be an Approved Partner of Silcotek. Through this partnership, we can offer the very best in silicon coating for your unit.

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