Gas Mixers and Gas Blenders

Gas Mixers and Gas Blenders


Environics® Gas Mixers and Gas Blenders automatically blend gases to generate precise gas calibration standards, create gaseous atmospheres or produce gas mixes for research or production purposes. Each component concentration may be independently varied. With an accuracy of better than +/- 1% and repeatability of +/- .05% of setpoint, the Series 4000 can produce concentrations from percent levels to ppb for single or multi-point calibration.

Units can now be ordered or retrofit to run on a 24V power source so you can use your unit anywhere.


The Environics® Series 4000 is a multi-component gas blending system that automatically mixes up to seven (7) individual gases in a balance gas. The system consists of two components: the Series 4000 instrument and the user's personal computer. The user interface is a Microsoft® Windows application that communicates with the Environics® system via a USB interface.

Series 4000

Purity of calibration gases is assured with the Series 4000UHP Ultra-High Purity Gas Mixing System. Manufactured with metal seal MFC’s and orbitally welded joints, the system has minimal dead volume and maintains a low leak rate to prevent atmospheric contamination of gas calibration standards. An ideal system for providing those in the semiconductor, aerospace, research/biotech and advanced materials industries a 20 year history of reliable UHP systems with low upkeep, long lifespan, and high repeatability and accuracy.

Series 4000UHP

This "On Demand" gas delivery and gas blending system will provide cost savings and repeatability of your mixture.

The Environics® Series 3000 gas delivery/blending system offers on-site gas blending of 100% pure bulk gases and is configured to provide a solution to using costly premixed cylinders of gas.

Series 3000

The Environics® Series 6100 Multi-Gas Calibration/Dilution System is the ideal instrument for dynamic multi-point gas calibration when working with low level gases (<1%).

The system can now be ordered or retrofit to run on a 24V power source so you can use your unit anywhere. Custom options can be selected for calibration of ammonia, HCl and a variety of other gases of interest.

Series 6100 without Ozone

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