Water Vapor Gas Standard Generator

Water Vapor Gas Standard Generator


The Water Vapor Gas Standard Generator is an exciting product from Environics with a tradition of over 25 years of use in the field.

Units are specifically designed to generate accurate and repeatable moisture gas standards to your exact specifications.

The standard configuration is a passive system. Units are custom designed based on the concentrations and flows your application requires. Systems can contain multiple mass flow controllers and multiple permeation ovens if needed to allow you to achieve the full range necessary.

Individual MFC flow ranges between 10SCCM and 20LPM are standard, with higher flows available. To maximize your unit’s function, the Water Vapor Gas Standard Generator can also be added to the Environics S4000 Gas Mixing or S4040 Gas Dilution System.

Footprint and weight vary based on requirements.

Standard units contain elastomer seals and compression fittings along the gas path. Optional silicon-lining of the gas path is available to minimize absorption. For very low level moisture standards, we employ a two-fold approach to optimize unit construction.

Firstly, metal seals are used to prevent the intrusion of ambient moisture that can impact the output when using elastomer seals. Secondly, the electropolished gas path joints are orbitally welded to prevent any leakage and minimize absorption.

All inputs and outputs are VCR fittings to further ensure integrity of your generated standards. In lieu of or in addition to these options, the chassis can be plumbed for continuous purge with dry, inert gas (typically nitrogen). This can be a cost effective option for those with a plentiful source of N2 in their facility.

Systems are extremely reliable, with accurate and stability of the temperature of the permeation oven within 0.1oC. Using Environics’ mass flow controller technology, the dilution flow is accurate to +/- 1% of the setpoint, setting it above similar equipment that is accurate only to full scale. Single level dilution means this accuracy is maintained for your full range. As with all systems, units are NIST traceable.


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