Service Agreement

Service Agreement for Your Environics System

Save Time and Money

All Environics systems, with the exception of the Series 7000 Zero Air Generator, are calibrated using a NIST (National Institute of Standards and Technology) recognized and traceable primary flow measurement standard, the Sierra Cal-Bench, Serial Numbers #1010, 1069 or 1089 prior to delivery. 

We highly recommend a yearly recalibration.  To learn about this process, click here.

We are now proud to offer Service Agreements for your convenience.  Agreements can be signed both for new and existing systems.

An Environics Service Agreement allows you to set up your yearly recommended recalibrations at the time of purchase.  By signing a Service Agreement:

  • You will lock in the current recalibration cost for the length of your agreement.
  • Your system will be given priority status when it arrives for recalibration.  This means less downtime for you!
  • You will receive a 5% discount on your recalibration cost by signing a Two to Five Year Service Agreement (prepayment not required).

To learn more or to request a Service Agreement for an existing system, please contact us at (860) 872-1111 or complete an online request.

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