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Gas Conversion Factors - List of gas conversion factors (also known as k factors)

Material Compatibility Search - Searchable archive of material compatibility, including seal materials

About Nafion - Most Environics humidifers use a nafion membrane. Learn more about this here.

About Silconert Coating - This is a coating that can be applied to your unit plumbing to prevent adhesion, especially of gases like sulfurs, H2S,ammonia, VOC's, and mercury.


Aerospace Medical Association

Air & Waste Management Association

Pittcon Conference & Expo

Environmental Protection Agency (EPA)


Human Systems Solutions
Consulting services in Aerospace Physiology and Aviation Survival Training

Environnement S.A
Environnement S.A is a leading company in the field of on-line instrumentation for the environment.

Eco Physics, Inc.
- Sophisticated NO, NO2, NOx analyzers
Environmental monitoring systems supplier, with expertise in Gas Detection & Analysis Instrumentation


H2NS Environmental
Communications and Data Acquisition products
for use with many types of instruments.

ISA Directory of Instrumentation
The Contact Resource for Measurement and Control
Products and Services