Series 500 Stand Alone Humidification System

Stand Alone Humidification System

The Series 500 Stand Alone Humidifier System is an exciting new product from Environics. The system allows you to utilize our humidifier option on its own or with your existing Environics unit/s through a simple connection.  The standard configuration is a passive system which can be ordered for fixed or adjustable humidity. The possible output ranges depend on the gas flow rate.

The system is extremely reliable, accurate and stable. For best results, the unit requires stability of room and gas temperature.

A small footprint and light weight makes the Series 500 convenient while adjustments are easy to make with the simple panel mounted controls.

As with all Environics systems, the Series 500 Humidifiers are built to order and can be customized to fit your exact needs. Some available options include:

  • Internal flow control (Mass flow controller, rotameter)
  • Precision 15 turn metering valves, with turns counter dials, for repeatable settings.
  • Variety of seal materials for proper compatibility.
  • Supports a wide range of flows
  • Hygrometer option available.

To learn more, contact Environics or visit

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