Donna Murdoch PhD, CAsP; CDR Matt Hebert, CDR Joe Essex

Our team has been having a terrific time at the Aerospace Medical Assoc. Annual Meeting in Anchorage, Alaska this week.  We’ve had the chance to speak with participants from the US and overseas, and we have learned a great deal.  Yesterday, there was a talk about the effects of hypoxia on pilots and the use of the Environics ROBD2 in hypoxia training.  We are thrilled to play a small role in making training equipment that truly can help save lives.

Thanks to all of you who stopped by!!

Terry Dunn, President of Environics, Donna Murdoch PhD, CAsP, Leonard Temme PhD

If you weren’t able to attend and want to learn more, check out the ROBD2 page which contains details on our system as well as a video about its use by the US Navy.  Also, check out this blog post to see an eye opening view how hypoxia effects brain function.