From time to time, we like to showcase the research of our customers.  Our team is always interested in learning more about the huge variety of research projects and discoveries made in labs using Environics systems.

sensor gas mixingRecently, we received a note from Ying Wang at the University of Connecticut on a research project utilizing an Environics 4000 gas mixing system. Ying is a member of Dr. Yu Lei’s lab in the department of Chemical, Materials & Biomolecular Engineering.  The lab has two main areas of study. First is the development of various (bio)sensors, whose uses range from the diagnosis, drug discovery, screening and food safety, and pollutant monitoring.  Recent work has also involved the detection of biological and chemical agents.  The second focus is the synthesis of nanostructured materials and their application, with the goal of developing new nanomaterials that can be applied to the fields of sensing and biosensing.

A recent paper published in RSC advances, the researchers utilized their Environics system in GA resized 600the fabrication and testing of a sensor device which featured a aligned CuO nanowires capable of H2S detection.  Sensitivity was examined under a variety of conditions, including levels between 10 to 1000 ppb and temperatures from 25 to 420 °C.  The CuO nanowire sensor showed a detection limit of 2.5 ppb and a linear response range of 10 ppb to 100 ppb.

Have an interesting project using your Environics system?  Share it with us and you may be the included in our next focus!

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