paul resized 600As most of you know, last week marked the last day for our long-time Service Manager, Paul.  After 22 years with Environics, he is moving and starting a new chapter in his life.  We will all miss him and wish him the very best!

With service on our minds, I bring to you today a few of the more commonly asked questions from our customers.  If you have a question, you can always reach us via our website, email or by phone.

gas mixing systemSERIES 2000/9100

My system locked up.  What should I do?

I replaced the system batteries and now I see odd characters on the screen.  Help!

In both of these cases, the system needs to be reinitialized to factory settings using the system configuration data provided with the system.  Tech Bulletin 104 outlines how to proceed.  If you’ve misplaced your system’s data, you can request a copy online.


gas mixerI’m not getting flow but I can hear the solenoids clicking on.  What should I do?

The instrument’s configuration data may be corrupted.  Tech Bulletin 107 will walk you through how to confirm the calibration data is in error and show you how to restore it.

SERIES 6100 OR 9100

ambient calibratorI want to recalibrate my ozone generator.  What should I do?

If you are interested in doing this calibration and have the necessary equipment, Tech Bulletin 106 (9100) and Tech Bulletin 114 (6100) will guide you step by step through the process.  Be sure to read through all of the notes on preparing the system prior to calibration.