Humidifiers allows you to add specific Relative Humidity (RH) levels to a gas or a blend of gases to simulate actual conditions in laboratory experiments or other cases where gas samples contain humidity. Often, this is done to recreate a particular gaseous environment or condition. This can be done through adding a humidification option to your Environics mixing/dilution system.

The humidification option is built into a gas mixing/dilution system and allows specific RH levels to be added to the output gas of the system. RH levels are adjustable and levels between 0 – 95% can be achieved. The humidifier is factory calibrated for a requested RH level to an accuracy of 5% (assuming a constant flow rate and gas temperature), and is NIST traceable.

The humidification option is rear panel mounted and consists of a humidifier and a 250mL gravity feed D.I. water reservoir. The humidifier is made from a water vapor permeable tube made of Nafion (a Teflon derivative). The associated unit has a heather flow part for stability. The humidification option incorporates a continuous purge path to prevent moisture build-up and condensation.

Depending on your specific needs, a water circulating pump may be used with the humidifier water source. As an endothermic process, heat is removed from the water while the gas is being humidified. The pump is sometimes needed to keep the water temperature from getting too cold and preventing the production of high humidity levels.

The accuracy, repeatability and linearity of the humidifier depend upon how stable the gas and room temperature are maintained.

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