We often receive calls and emails asking about the best way to maintain our mixers and dilutors. There are several important things that you can do to keep your unit running in top shape. They will also help you extend the life of your unit.

Check out the Top 5 Maintenance Tips from our Service Department!

Be sure to replace your consummables. For most units, this is the fan filter. It can be cleaned and reused or replaced. For Zero Air Generators, it is important to replace the media and filters on a regular schedule and to consider the environment you are in and the amount of use the unit gets when setting this schedule. You can check out our recommendations on that here. It is important to routinely check that the drain is running and is free of obstructions as well.

Don’t leave gases connected when the unit is inactive. If you won’t be using the unit for a length of time, it is best to disconnect the cylinders, purge the unit with air or nitrogen and then cap the inputs. It is also best to leave capped any unused inputs even during use.

3 Be sure input gas lines do not contain moisture. Moisture is the enemy of a gas mixer/dilutor. Be sure that you are using dry clean gases and that there is no moisture in the lines.

4 Check and adjust your MFC zeroes. Over time, the zeroes on your MFCs can change. For best accuracy between annual recalibrations, check these periodically and adjust back within spec. For the detailed instructions, check the manual for your unit. If it’s time for recalibration or if your zeroes drift significantly between checks, contact our service department for assistance.

5 Purge the unit of stagnant gas often. Units should be purged with nitrogen or air to flush the system between the blending of gases which may be reactive or clean the system after the use of gases which will present possible risks if left in the system because of toxicity or corrositivity. This can be done either by connecting gas to all inputs and flowing the MFCs at their highest flow rate in flow mode or through the Purge mode. This will flush any gas residue out of the solenoid valves, tubing, mass flow controllers and blend chamber. Starting in 2018, our standard Series 4000/4020/4040 have the purge option available to allow for easy maintenance. Existing units can be retrofit to take advantage of this option as well. You can request more information on this option from our service department.

Bonus tips!

We recommend that you use a UPS (uninterruptible power supply) to protect the unit.

Make sure to ensure proper ventilation for the unit, especially the zero air generator!

For more information on the maintenance of your Environics unit, refer to your manual or contact us!