Gas flow systems are extremely varied in terms of device architecture, functionality, and measurement accuracy. They include delivery, blender, divider, diluter, and myriad other instrument types responsible for generating or introducing a pre-mixed gas flow into another system.

The extraordinary variety of gas flow systems explains their enormous range of end-use applications. In this blog post, Environics will explore some of the most common applications of our gas flow systems in more detail.

  1. Measuring Reference Calibration Gas

Calibration gas is used to set a comparative standard for calibrating analytical equipment such as gas analyzers and detectors. To qualify for device calibration, gases must be traceable to an accepted standard and prepared within tight degrees of tolerance. Zero gas, for example, is a mixture of oxygen (O2) and nitrogen (N) containing less than 0.1 parts per million (ppm) total hydrocarbons.

Gas flow systems like the Series 7000 Stand-Alone Zero Air Generator (ZAG) are used to generate reference calibration gases that are moisture and contaminant-free. The potential areas of application are myriad, with portable versions of this innovative gas flow system available.

  1. Calibrating Ambient Air Analyzers

Ambient air analyzers are used in urban and rural areas to assess the gas concentrations and pollutants representative of air in different environments. It is a key process in environmental and industrial monitoring and is instrumental in assessing the extent of human exposure to airborne pollutants.

Gas flow systems are useful for calibrating ambient air analyzers using multi-point, precision, span, and zero calibration methods. Environics offers a selection of gas flow systems for analyzer calibration, providing reliable tests using varied and mixed gas species. They can also be used to calibrate for hydrocarbons and other particulates of interest.

  1. Calibrating Continuous Emissions Monitors

Continuous emission monitors (CEMs) are used to ensure compliance with environmental standards established by national and international organizations. In the US, they are typically used for real-time measurement of flue gas emissions according to various state and federal emission programmes, alongside those of the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA).

Accurate calibration of industrial CEM systems is a matter of environmental and regulatory necessity. Gas flow systems like the S4040 Computerized Gas Dilution System are routinely used as CEM calibrators, supporting up to eight mass flow controllers to generate extremely precise gas mixtures down to the parts per billion (ppb) range. This supports both multi-point and multi-scale calibration of CEMs systems according to EPA performance requirements.

Gas Flow Systems from Environics

Environics is one of the world’s leading suppliers of gas flow systems and computerized gas flow instrumentation. For over thirty years, we have been supplying ultra-precise gas analysis and flow control systems for standard and custom applications. Alongside the above applications, our gas flow systems have been utilized for food packaging, reduced oxygen training, various medical fields, and more.

For more information on the specialist applications of our gas flow systems, read our previous blog post Gas Mixtures for Food Packaging Applications. Otherwise, contact us directly if you have any queries.