Gas flow systems serve myriad purposes around the world. They are used to calibrate gas chromatographs (GC) in laboratory and analytical facilities and have been widely employed in the mixing, blending, and delivery of appropriate medical gas mixtures. Ground-breaking clinical research into the interaction between distinct gases and cellular behaviour has also benefits from the availability of ultra-high precision gas flow systems certified for medical use. This has supported analytical clinicians and researchers in various medical fields, from oncology to optometry.

In this blog post, Environics explores the use of gas flow systems for medical devices in more detail.

Gas Flow Systems for Medical Instrument Calibration

Gas chromatography is a widely employed research tool used to separate and identify components in a mixture based on their molecular weight. Structurally similar compounds can be separated in extremely small quantities, providing reliable analysis of the component parts of biological samples including low-concentration gas species and volatile organic compounds (VOCs). The primary initial use of GC analysis in medical and pharmaceutical applications was the observation and study of respiratory gases and the analysis of anaesthetic products.

Clinicians are now able to determine the volatile organic concentrations of anaesthetic in microvolume (ul) blood samples, providing richer and more reliable insight into the efficacy of anaesthetic in shorter analysis timeframes and with reduced consumption of valuable biological sample materials. This technique is increasingly used to identify and quantify the physiological gas content of blood samples, including respiratory and non-respiratory gases.

Measuring blood gas is a routine form of diagnosis that can highlight imbalances in blood-gas concentration, which may be symptomatic of a range of conditions including asthma, pulmonary failure, diabetes, chemical poisoning, drug abuse, and more.

Gas flow systems are critical for GC calibration to guarantee the utmost accuracy in microvolume biological sample analysis. Environics gas flow systems can generate and introduce tailor-made gas streams with concentrations from percent to parts per billion (ppb) levels at your required flow rates. This enables reliable calibration of GCs to ensure clinical studies are conducted at the highest levels of precision.

We can creature mixtures of carbon dioxide (CO2), oxygen (O2), and helium (He) in a balance of dinitrogen (D2) for GC calibration or for primary application in a range of medical devices. Systems can be customized to mix any combination of gases to simulate human breath to calibrate lung diffusion instruments or conduct any human breath related research. Our gas flow systems have demonstrated outstanding potential in the calibration, development and optimisation of advanced medical tools, supporting the delivery of first-rate medical care assisting in the research that may save lives in the future.

Gas Flow Systems from Environics

Environics is one of the world’s leading suppliers of gas glow systems for instrument and sensor calibration, and for intermediate application in the medical sector. Alongside our gas flow systems for medical devices, we can also assist in the generation of direct gases for biological uses including aerobic, anaerobic, and medical drug gases.

If you would like to learn more about our gas flow systems for medical devices, simply contact a member of our team directly.