Ultra-high-purity gas mixing and blending is vital to an extremely broad cross-section of market areas. Although it sounds simple enough, there is more to gas blending than simply mixing distinct streams of pure constituent gases– particularly where ultra-high purity is necessary.

There are several different methods of gas blending, each of which has different underlying working principles and configurations. Additionally, when carrying out high-purity gas mixing, you must maintain accuracy with minimal uncertainty across the full flow range of each gas channel to meet specific independent concentration levels. This goes for both batch and continuous gas mixers.

If you need a high-purity gas mixture that isn’t readily available in batch formats, you may benefit from a multi-component gas blending system that can deliver speciality gases on demand. However, very few suppliers offer mixers with the required leak integrity for ultra-high purity gas mixtures.

Environics is your go-to provider of ultra-high-purity gas mixing equipment that forefronts accuracy and repeatability; key metrics for users of speciality process gases.

What Makes an Ultra-High-Purity Gas Mixer?

A truly ultra-high-purity gas mixer is defined by its leak integrity and permeability mitigation. This means that the system is designed to mitigate both absorption and outgassing from any point in the mixer. At Environics, we achieve this through two main design features.

Firstly, our ultra-high-purity gas mixers are entirely welded solutions. They have no sealed joints and all their mass flow controllers are metal sealed. This ensures maximum leak integrity (1 x10-9). Secondly, we remove elastomer seals from the construction, which is critical for eliminating permeation by ambient air into the mixer. These tandem efforts make our high-purity gas mixers the perfect solution for users who require absolute precision in their gas blending workflow.

Our systems can also be designed with a permeation option that uses disposable/liquid-filled permeation tubes. This is one of our most popular extra modules for ultra-high purity gas mixers.

Our Key Competencies

At Environics, we specialise in the development and supply of precise multi-component gas blenders that put the power of ultra-high-purity gas mixing in your hands.

Multiple gases can be blended simultaneously with independent control of each channel. Instruments typically come with several operational modes, including a concentration mode and a flow mode. Each of these can operate with a -/+1% accuracy and repeatability of within 0.05% of a given setpoint. This means we can provide precision gas mixing instruments suitable for producing mixes with percent or parts per billion (ppb) level concentrations.

If you need a calibration gas mixture, our ultra-high-purity mixers can deliver finely-tuned blends with specific total output flows for multi-point gas sensor calibration. Again, our systems can offer flow rate accuracies of within -/+1% to all but eliminate calibration uncertainties. We can also customise our mixers for specific use gases, such as helium as a balance gas.

Typical Specialty Gas Mixtures from Environics

The Environics team has extensive experience in high-purity gas mixing for various application areas from calibration standards to modified atmospheres. We work closely with prospective customers to deliver blending systems with user-specific value. But there are common gas mixtures that we routinely find ourselves catering for with our high-purity gas mixers:

  • Calibration standards for analytical research
  • Process gases for advanced manufacturing applications
  • Gases for sensor development and screening

Looking for Ultra-High-Purity Gas Mixing Solutions?

Do you think you would benefit from a bespoke ultra-high-purity gas mixing solution developed by one of the industry’s leading gas blender suppliers? Contact a member of the Environics team today and we will see what we can do for you.