In many industrial or research applications, gases need to be diluted from a high concentration to a variety of lower concentrations. A frequently used application of gas dilution is in the calibration of gas detectors, analyzers and sensors. If gas dilution equipment is not to the correct specifications, the end product can be negatively impacted. Often, it is necessary to have a level of understanding of each element of a gas dilution system and how it impacts the process.

Gas Supply in the Gas Dilution Process

Often, processors mix and dilute gases on site, as purchasing and storing a variety of customized mixtures which meets exact specifications from a gas supplier can be costly. Having only to supply pure gases can lessen costs, as well as allowing the user to adjust the concentrations of the constituent to create a wide spectrum of mixtures.

Managing the Gas Dilution

Dilution systems can utilize a number of technologies, with mass flow controllers being one of the most popular and accurate options. When selecting flow controllers and configuring a system for gas dilution, it is very important to consider all of the potential gases which could be used and the required output dilutions. Material compatibility is important for the longevity of the dilution system, while flow ranges are key to providing the most accurate and largest possible range. Additional options such as built-in sensors or alarms can offer real time updates to alert a technician if key criteria are met.

Gas Dilution from Environics

Environics gas dilutors and gas dividers produce precise gas standards automatically for use in fast, multi-point calibration. These instruments have an accuracy of +/- 1% and repeatability of +/- .05% of setpoint and are traceable to National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST)

At Environics, all of our units are designed specifically to meet our customers’ individual needs.  Gas dilution systems are customized for material compatibility as well as the dilution range and output flow rate required.

The Environics® Series 4040 is a gas dilution system which is computerized to generate precise standards. The gas diluters or mixers can also be used to create gaseous atmosphere or produce gas mixers for analytical research or production. This gas dilution system can create concentrations that range between percent to parts per billion levels for both single and multi-point calibration. This means that fewer cylinders are necessary.

The gas dilution system is made up of both the Series 4040 instrument and the user’s personal computer. The user interface is a Windows-based software which communicates with the Environics system through USB, RS232 or Bluetooth (with a Windows-based, enabled device). If you would like to find out more about the gas dilution systems we offer, contact us today.