Modified atmosphere packaging is used to either passively or actively monitor or alter the atmosphere which surrounds a product inside a package. Modified atmospheres are specifically created by modifying the natural composition and distribution of atmospheric gases within packaging to create optimal conditions for enhancing shelf life and minimizing the oxidation and spoilage of food and beverage products which are perishable.

Modified atmosphere packaging is most often used in the protection of fresh food by minimizing oxygen exposure and therefore oxidation. Oxidation of fresh foods can lead to discoloration, spoilage alterations to flavors and textures. This blog post will explore some of the products which make use of modified atmosphere packaging.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging for Coffee

When coffee beans are roasted, they release carbon dioxide. Typically, coffee roasters need to allow the beans to cool and degas in open air prior to packaging, as the buildup of CO2 can cause packets to burst. However, this inhibits the freshness of the beans and using modified atmosphere packaging can minimize the exposure of the coffee to the elements and prevent any alterations in the flavors.

Meat Packaging

It is critical that raw meat is packaged correctly to avoid spoilage and the growth of bacteria which can be extremely detrimental on the health of consumers. In meat packaging, the air is swapped for a blend of nitrogen, CO2, and low levels of CO to inhibit the growth of spoilage organisms and minimize the oxidization of lipids and proteins. Modified atmosphere packaging using high CO2 benefits from enhanced taste and flavor to those with high O2 quantities.

Legal Cannabis Companies use Modified Atmosphere Packaging

Cannabis products are now legal in many parts of the world and cannabis companies  use modified atmosphere packaging to ensure that their products stay fresher for longer and a quality consumer experience would be created.

Fresh Fruits and Vegetables

Fruits and vegetables frequently employ modified atmosphere packaging such as nitrogen gas flush in conjunction with certain barrier packaging and films. Fresh produce is particularly sensitive to environmental settings and oxidation, meaning they often need to use multiple means of inhibiting perishing.

Snack Food Products

Snack producers utilize modified atmosphere packaging to maximize convenience for customers whilst minimizing the additives used in products. Barrier packaging is often used to protect product freshness as well as gas blends to stop spoilage.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging from Environics

An increasing number of food packaging companies are now using modified atmosphere packaging to enhance the shelf life and appearance of packaged food. Environics is dedicated to ensuring that modified atmosphere packaging gases are accurate and consistent to ensure the desired quality of end products is met.

Our Series 3000 Gas Mixing and Delivery system offers the ability to precisely mix modified atmosphere packaging gases to ensure food products’ quality and shelf life is maintained. If you would like to find out more about our modified atmosphere packaging gases, our gas mixers, or any of our other products,  contact us today.