At Environics, we deliver gas mixing technologies based on ultra-precise thermal mass flow controllers (MFCs) and extremely accurate computerization and calibration. This enables us to generate custom and standard solutions for gas flow instrumentation that runs the gamut of commercial and research applications. Here we will offer a breakdown of some of the key market segments that we serve.

Food Packaging

Modified atmosphere packaging (MAP), sometimes referred to as Equilibrium Modified Atmosphere Packaging (EMAP) is used to preserve perishable food goods and extend product shelf lives. Gas flow instrumentation is critical to mixing MAP/EMAP gases consistently and precisely to ensure that end products retain their marketed qualities throughout transport and storage. Learn more about our gas flow systems for food packaging applications.

GC Calibration

Calibrating the various instruments used in a chromatographic workflow is essential to ensuring the accuracy, repeatability, and stability of the system. GC calibration covers an array of detectors, including flame ionization detectors (FID), mass spectrometers (MS), and thermal conductivity detectors (TCD). Environics gas flow instrumentation can be used to produce concentrations down to the parts per billion (ppb) range at required flow rates for various calibration requirements. Read our article on how to calibrate GC instruments for more details.

Hypoxia Research

Closely-related to hypoxemia, a dangerous condition associated with low blood oxygen levels, hypoxia is a state where the tissues in the body have low oxygen saturation. Humans normally experience hypoxic stress when the oxygen demands of the body outstrip the available demand, hence it is if physiological to the likes of athletes, mountain climbers, high-altitude pilots, and so on. However, research has demonstrated that selectively placing patients in a hypoxic state could be a valuable diagnostic tool. We have been supplying gas flow instrumentation for hypoxia-related research initiatives for over twenty years. Find out more about the hypoxia research areas we have assisted. 

Sensor Testing/Research

Gas sensor screening is used by development companies and manufacturers alike to validate research initiatives and as part of crucial quality checks on the production line. Environics systems are designed for maximum efficiency and versatility, enabling them to be easily integrated into both laboratory- and industrial-grade workshops. With the added ability to program automatic audio-visual alarms, our gas flow systems can automatically trigger alerts for specific fault conditions, helping users expedite the gas sensor sorting process.

Medical/Biological Mixing

Precise gas mixtures are required for a whole host of clinical applications, from aerobic gas mixtures through to incubation atmospheres. Given the sheer size of the medical market, many professionals elect to use premixed gas cylinders, which can prove costly on the long term. Our gas flow instrumentation lends itself to high-accuracy blending and dilution systems that can produce extremely accurate mixtures for both lab and research applications. Find out more about our medical gas mixing solutions.