For anyone deeply involved in gas chromatography (GC), understanding the quality, consistency, and safety of the oxidant gas source is as crucial as grasping the concepts of boiling point, retention time, and stationary phase. This brings us to the significant role played by zero air generators in GC applications. Let’s delve into the reasons behind the preference for zero air generators over traditional cylinders for a GC system.

Cost-Effective Oxidant Gas Production

Operating a zero air generator can lead to significant cost savings, especially when analyzing organic compounds with a gas chromatograph. Instead of the recurring expenses associated with high-pressure zero air cylinders, you can invest in a zero air generator that offers a continual source of high purity air. Over time, the cost of purchasing and replacing cylinders adds up, making zero air generators a more economically viable analytical technique.

Enhanced Safety in Gas Supply

Safety in laboratories where the gas phase, mobile phase, and sample injection are routine operations is paramount. The hazards associated with high-pressure gas cylinders, especially when working with gas such as helium as a carrier gas, are well-documented. In contrast, zero air generators pose fewer risks. By eliminating cylinders, they inherently enhance safety in a GC environment.

Guaranteeing Repeatable Results

Accuracy and consistency are hallmarks of successful GC analysis. With high-pressure cylinders, variations in gas purity and composition can occur. This inconsistency can introduce variability into retention times. Zero air generators produce a consistent stream of oxidant gas, ensuring each GC run on a capillary column is consistent, leading to reliable results.

Minimal Maintenance and User-Friendly Installation

High-precision instruments, especially those separating compounds or coupled with a mass spectrometer for mass spectrometry, often require maintenance. However, zero air generators, even when working alongside a flame ionization detector, require minimal care. Their installation is straightforward, eliminating the need for specialized training.

Flexibility with Portability

Field applications of GC, particularly when analyzing a liquid sample, necessitate equipment that can be transported without much hassle. Portable zero air generators are ideal for this task. Their design is perfect for such applications, providing high-quality oxidant gas even in remote locations.

The Environics Edge

At Environics, we understand the intricacies of gas mixing for a complex GC system. Our range of zero air generators is tailored for modern GC setups, which often require specific carrier gases and have strict requirements for sample injection and retention times. By investing in our equipment, laboratories ensure consistent results and a safe environment, especially when dealing with volatile organic compounds or using tools like a flame ionization detector or mass spectrometer.

Gas chromatography is an advanced analytical technique aimed at separating compounds, determining boiling points, and more. Zero air generators support these endeavors by ensuring precision, safety, and efficiency. With their cost-effective operation, enhanced safety profile, and guarantee of repeatable results, they are an invaluable tool in any GC setup. For those aiming for unmatched GC performance, zero air generators offer unparalleled support.

Join us at Environics in embracing this technology and elevating GC applications to new heights.