At Environics, we specialize in gas flow management.  Our systems allow you complete control to mix, dilute and delivery the exact gas blend you need for your projects.  Every unit is built to order just for you.  We encourage you to challenge us with your most difficult requirements. We specialize in custom systems. We have thousands of systems in the field and have developed an extensive library of applications and solutions to meet our customers' needs.

Please take a look at some of our current customers' common applications using both standard and highly custom Environics systems. 

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Standard System Applications

Includes Ambient Calibration, Zero Air Generators, CEMCS, Calibration for VOCs, Ozone calibration, Automotive or Mobile Source Emission Calibration.

Modified Atmosphere Packaging - Food Packaging

Gas Mixing and Delivery systems provide flexibility, accuracy, cost savings and safety to your MAP process. 

Gas Chromatography Calibration

Dilution systems and our Zero Air Generator help you create accurate and highly repeatable calibration standards.  Systems can be built with your choice of seals and can be clean for oxygen service.

Medical and Research Gas Mixing and Gaseous Atmospheres

Blending and Delivery systems create highly stable blends of target gases for biological atmospheres, including glove boxes and cover gases. 

Gas Sensor Testing and R&D Development

Our systems are ideal for production screening (sorting) of sensors as well as research and development. 

Hypoxia Research and Testing

Scientists have successfully used the ROBD2 (Licensed from U.S. Navy under U.S. Patent Application No. 10/959.764) as well as custom Blended Gas On Demand systems (such as the ReDO2) to examine hypoxia itself as well as how placing someone in a hypoxic state could be a useful diagnostic tool clinically.

CEM Application

Our two Continuous Emissions Monitoring Calibration Systems (CEMCS) have been used in CEM vans and laboratories for over twenty years.  They meet or exceed the performance requirements of the United States EPA 40 CFR Part 51 Method 205 Appendix M.

Explosive Gas Mixing and Dilution

We use a unique dual chassis system to allow you to safely mix or dilute explosive gases at high concentrations.

Welding Shield Gas Mixing

Environics units generate shielding gas mixes that are reliable and accurate to guarantee your desired weld quality with minimal gas cost.


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