Environics Announces Enhancements for the Model 4000 Product Line

Environics Announces Enhancements for New and Existing M4000 Systems


Environics is pleased to announce the Model 4000 family of units has had recent upgrades that are now included at no additional cost in new units. Customers can also take advantage of these enhancements through retrofits to existing units.

The first update is to the MFC electronics. This update provides a significantly accelerated response time, with an average of about 3.4 seconds (max of 3.5 seconds) to arrive and stay within 2% of a 10 to 100% full scale command change. Along with this improvement, the superior accuracy and repeatability specifications, and the reliability that you count on from your Environics, remain. This improvement is most noticeable on lower flow MFCs and when starting an MFC near the lower portion of it's range from rest.

A retrofit upgrade to the simplified single board design is also available.  This allows customers the expanded capability of up to 8 MFCs. They can also move to USB (standard), or RS232 or Bluetooth (optional).  This design removes the need for a replaceable battery.

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