Extended Capability of the Model 4000

Extended Capability of the Model 4000


Environics is pleased to announce the expanded capability of the Model 4000, available now.

The Model 4000, which includes the Series 4000, Series 4040 and Series 4020, is one of Environics most popular systems due to their reliability, low cost and ease of operation.

We are excited to announce that the standard configuration has been expanded to allow up to 8 Mass Flow Controllers both for new and existing systems! This allows mixing of up to 7 individual gases in a balance gas with a Series 4000 or 4020 and diluting up to 10,000:1 with the Series 4040 or 4020. The mass flow controllers are factory calibrated using a primary flow standard traceable to the United States National Institute of Standards and Technology (NIST). Each flow controller utilizes an 11 point calibration table with linear interpolation, to increase accuracy and reduce flow controller nonlinearity.

To reduce maintenance, we have eliminated the need for a battery. In addition, the electronics of the Model 4000 have been improved to provide USB standard. The user interface is a Microsoft® Windows application that communicates with the Environics system via a USB (standard) or RS232 serial interface. Both an older XP compatible and newer Win7/8/10 version of the software are available.

To learn more, to get a quote for a new system or retrofit of your existing system, contact Environics or visit www.environics.com.

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