Purge Feature Now Available for the Model 4000

Purge Feature Now Available for the Model 4000


Environics is pleased to announce the capability to add an automated purge feature to the Model 4000

The Model 4000, which includes the Series 4000, Series 4040 and Series 4020, is one of Environics most popular systems due to their reliability, low cost and ease of operation.

We are excited to announce that the capability of an automated purge feature has been added! Future units can be manufactured with a designated purge port. Most current systems can be retrofit to take advantage of this feature as well. We believe the additional of this inexpensive option will help simplify this important routine maintenance. Please contact us for more information on adding this option to a new or existing unit. Units should be purged with nitrogen or air to flush the system between the blending of gases which may be reactive or clean the system after the use of gases which will present possible risks if left in the system because of toxicity or corrositivity.

A purge mode has been added to the operating software as well. This will only be functional for units plumbed for purge.

To learn more, to get a quote for a new system or retrofit of your existing system, contact Environics or visit www.environics.com.

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