Thank you for visiting us at ASMA 2023!

We are excited to share the newest model in the Environics® Series Reduced Oxygen Breathing Device line, the ROBD3. This is the next generation system continues to provide the accuracy and reliability of the ROBD2, and adds exciting new options and features.

New Features in the ROBD3!

Check out our demo video below to learn more about the benefits of the ROBD3 for your research or training program.

New features include:

  • Large touch screen user interface (no remote mode)
  • Non-consumable O2 sensor design
  • A new pulse oximeter with integrated touch screen interface
  • Enter one flow rate for all altitudes between 40 and 80 LPM
  • Breathing bag is replaced with an internal reservoir, generating a faster refresh rate to the mask.
  • Addition of an inline Oxygen filter.
  • Pulse ox probe and mask connections moved to the rear of the chassis
  • Customizable for research, including addition of CO2

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