Today will be the first of a continuing series of “Who Are We?” stories to share with you the people who are Environics.

First up is Tom, our Director of Engineering.  Tom joined Environics in 1991 as a Production Technician and became the Director of Engineering in 1993. With a BS in Electronic Engineering Technology, Tom is most often found working with customers to develop custom systems as well as designing our next generation of systems.

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Currently, Tom is working on a HMI (human machine interface) version of ROBD2, tentatively named ROBD3. This system will have a 10.4″ color touch screen display and the pulse oximeter information will be integrated into this display. The instrument will have updated communications, including Ethernet.  We plan to unveil a demo of this system at the upcoming Aerospace Medical Association meeting, Booth 307 (May 9-11 in Anchorage).

In addition, Tom has been performing a digital flow controller evaluation for the new Series 5000.  The Series 5000 is our next generation gas blender.  His evaluation focuses on long term drift and repeatability to make sure our strict requirements are met.  Like the ROBD3, the Series 5000 instruments will have 5.7″ color touch screen display.

When asked to share a bit about himself, Tom said, “I like the feeling I get when I bite into a York Peppermint Patty.”

Stay tuned in future weeks as we “introduce” you to each of the people who are Environics!