Throughout Europe, initiatives have resulted in an overall improved air quality since the 1970’s. Some of the main components of air pollution are particulates, ozone, NOx, hydrocarbons and volatile organic compounds, sulfur dioxide and carbon monoxide. Most generally, air quality affects the health of the population on a daily basis.  Especially at risk are the very young, the elderly and those with breathing issues.  In most cities, traffic related air pollution is the most common source, with industrial emissions also playing a key role. Recently, I posted about an EPA run site that allows website visitors to view the air quality (along with water quality, etc).  Today, I want to share a site which shows air quality for cities throughout Europe.

The site, Air Quality Now, also provides details on the various components of air pollution, the health threats of each and some background to the current initiatives. When searching, you can look at historical data, today’s data, or a forecast for the following day.  Also of interest, you can view background or roadside data.

Click here to search for your city or nearby areas or to learn more.