Check out this recent article regarding the use of the Reduced Oxygen Breathing Device in preparing US Air Force Airmen for the “Worse Case Scenario.”  The Environics Reduced Oxygen Breathing Device 2 (or ROBD2) plays a key role in that training. 

airmen robd2 training

The ROBD2 is manufactured solely by Environics and is a computerized gas-blending system which uses mass flow controllers to precisely generate hypoxic breathing conditions without affecting atmospheric pressure.  Airmen, both pilots and crew, undergo training on the ROBD2 to prepare them for the signs and symptoms of hypoxia that they might feel and to practice the appropriate emergency procedures when that occurs.

Staff Sgt. Vikas Kumar, 92nd Aerospace Medicine Squadron aerospace and operational physiology NCO in charge of training at Fairchild Air Force base stated, “The ROBD2 is what we use here in place of the hypobaric chamber.  There are several advantages to using this system. Not only is it much cheaper to maintain than a chamber, it’s a lot less taxing on the body because it doesn’t have any atmospheric pressure change involved, making it possible to fly a jet right after if needed, unlike using the chamber, you have a 12-hour restriction.”

Check out this video and learn more on the use of the ROBD2 by the Air Force.