Today, is the final part in our series on some of the common questions on troubleshooting the Series 6100. The full user and service manuals can be found here.

Part 1 looked at what to do if your display does not come up, while Part 2 and Part 3 focused on what to do if you are seeing issues with flow. Part 4 looked at what to do when you were not getting any ozone regardless of the command. Part 5 look at a variety of ozone issues including drifting and unstable ozone. We also looked at what to do when you are getting high ozone in response to any command.

Today, we will look at how to troubleshoot the presence of ozone in the ABSENCE of a command.

Like Part 5, this focuses on the S6100, which have an ozone generator but not a photometer. We will finish the series by returning to ozone troubleshooting in a 6103.

Let us know if you have a specific issue you’d like us to cover!

Note: Customers who work on their units accept the risks of working on machinery and are responsible for taking all proper safety precautions. If in doubt, contact our service department!

Ozone is Present In the Absence of a Command

NEVER unplug the lamp while the unit is powered on. This can damage the circuitry. Remove the ozone generator cover to access the ozone generator PC410 board.

Make sure all ozone calibration data and ADCs 11, 13 and 15 (found in the SYSTEM mode) are valid and consistent with the last calibration.

If the data is all accurate, make sure that the zero potentiometer (R46) is adjusted so that the voltage at TP2 on PC410 is between 80 and 100 mV with a zero ozone command. Note: adjustments to this potentiometer will affect calibration. If this adjustment is set incorrectly (to low), it can cause the ozone lamp to light with no command.

Ensure that the command voltage at TP4 on PC410 is zero. If it is not, the lamp drive circuit or photo detector circuit on the PC410 may be bad and we would suggest a replacement of the PC410. The ozone would then need to be recalibrated, so we recommend this be done in the factory. You can contact our service department for assistance.

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We hope you have found this guide to troubleshooting a Series 6100. Check back next time as we discuss how to troubleshoot ozone related issues with a 6103!