While many customers are accustomed to our operating software for the Series 4000/4020/4040, most are now beginning to use to our newest software as they upgrade to new computers with Win 7/8/10. To help you get started, or as a refresher if it’s been awhile, we will be posting some short how-to videos that will help you get set up and running your unit like a pro in no time.

The software can be downloaded here. We recommend making sure you have the most current version by bookmarking the download page. You can also sign up for automatic notices of new versions by submitting a request through our contact page.

Today, we look at program mode. ProgramModeProgram mode allows the three basic run modes (Concentration, Flow and Divider) to be grouped together into a “Program,” or sequence of operations. Each step in the program is executed in sequence until all steps have been completed. So, before you can set up a program, you will need to have set up all of the necessary concentration, flow or divider modes. You can check out our earlier videos to learn how to do that.

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