Continuous emissions monitoring is a critical practice required by environmental regulations in the United States and many other countries. Industrial site owners must implement and maintain working continuous emissions monitoring systems (CEMS) to accurately measure and monitor emission levels from smokestacks. This process offers many benefits for manufacturers, customers, and the wider environment, but it primarily reduces the amount of harmful substances released into the atmosphere. This blog post explores the benefits of continuous emissions monitoring and highlights its significance in monitoring and controlling emissions.

Importance of CEMS in Monitoring Emissions

Continuous emissions monitoring systems are designed to monitor the levels of gases in flue gas emissions from industrial combustion processes. These include oxygen, carbon monoxide, and carbon dioxide, all of which can be harmful in various amounts. CEMS comprises advanced technology and data acquisition and handling systems (DAHS) that enable real-time monitoring, analysis, and reporting of gas streams emitted through smokestacks.

What are the Benefits of Continuous Emissions Monitoring?

Implementing continuous emissions monitoring systems has several key benefits, from compliance to improving air quality and more. In this section, we take a look at those benefits.

Better Control of Emissions

CEMS provide a method of ensuring manufacturers comply with emission standards, which also helps maintain air quality. As CEMS enable continuous monitoring of gas emissions, operators are alerted when a change in concentration levels occurs, allowing them to respond immediately. As a result, it enables better control over emissions and reduces the risk of harm. 

Ease of Use

CEMS are user-friendly systems that provide real-time data on emissions. They’re designed to be easy to use, enabling users to focus on controlling emissions efficiently and without worrying about software issues. They are fitted with simple interfaces and data visualization tools that make interpreting data quick and easy, allowing operators to make informed choices.


Continuous monitoring systems are more reliable than using periodic monitoring methods. Operators can trust the accuracy and precision of the data provided by CEMS, which helps them remain compliant and up to date with the latest emissions. 

Improved Maintenance

CEMS help operators identify current or potential issues with emissions as quickly as possible. This is made possible by continuously monitoring emissions in real time, which helps highlight any abnormalities or deviations from expected levels. From the data, this enables operators to take proactive steps towards maintenance and repairs, which saves the time and costs involved in unplanned downtime. Quickly resolving system problems also keeps the emission control systems working well for longer.

Scalability and Expandability

CEMS can be tailored to meet the specific requirements of any monitoring operation. They’re designed to be scalable and expandable and work with operations that monitor one gas stream at a time or multiple. This flexibility means that whatever monitoring setup is in place, the needs of the operation can be met easily and effectively.

Cost Savings

CEMS help reduce costs by minimizing the need for periodic emissions testing, as well as the need for expensive and time-consuming manual testing methods. As a result, fewer resources are wasted, and employees can use their time better. Additionally, accurate data from CEMS can be used for emissions trading and other compliance programs, making everything more cost-efficient.

How Environics can help with Continuous Emissions Monitoring

At Environics, we offer Continuous Emissions Monitoring Calibration Systems (CEMCS) that meet or exceed performance requirements set by the United States EPA. Our custom-built systems use advanced technology to dilute high-concentration gases for precise calibration of gas analyzers.

Our standard Series 4040 model can generate precise blends at different ratios. Plus, our CEMCS units can optionally run on a 24V power source, giving you the freedom to use them anywhere you need to. We’re all about flexibility and helping you save time and money while getting accurate calibration for your analyzers.

To learn more about the benefits of continuous emissions monitoring, contact a member of Environics today.