Gas mixing deals with fine margins. Slight inaccuracies may render a blend unfit for purpose. This is prevalent in calibration mixtures where concentrations must be exact. Inconsistencies can undo quality assurance and control (QA/QC) protocols. Worst case: imprecise gas mixes can harm humans and our environment. Thus, choosing accurate and reliable equipment for gas blending operations is essential. The photometer-controlled ozone generator is one such device. But why should one opt for this specific type of generator for ozone gas mixtures?

Precision in Ozone Concentration Measurements

The heart of a photometer-controlled ozone generator lies in its calibrated photometer and mass flow controller. This combination ensures that the ozone concentration measurements are accurate – and consistently so. The photometer’s role is pivotal—it measures the exact amount of ozone generated and provides feedback to the system.

Unwavering Reliability

Reliability is non-negotiable for air quality monitoring technicians. The closed-loop PID control system embedded within these ozone generators guarantees system errors are promptly rectified. This ensures the generator’s performance remains top-notch, even over extended periods.

User-Centric Design

The user-friendly software interface, combined with plain language prompts, ensures that the system is easy to navigate and reduces the learning curve. This translates to reduced technician training time and significantly reduced potential errors.

Consistent Stability

Stability in ozone generation is achieved through the internal ultra-violet (UV) based generator. This generator is temperature-controlled and incorporates a precision photo-optical feedback circuit. The result? Compensation for lamp aging effects and a consistently stable ozone generation.

Pressure Compensation

One of the standout features of the photometer-controlled ozone generator is its pressure compensation capability. This ensures that the ozone generation remains consistent and stable, even at pressures different from the original calibration pressure.

External Analysis: A Dual Advantage

Certain advanced models, like the Environics Series 6113 and 6103, come with an added advantage — they allow an external source of ozone to be analyzed and displayed directly on the screen. This dual functionality enables simultaneous gas blending while keeping a vigilant eye on the ozone concentration.

The Photometer-Controlled Advantage

The photometer-controlled ozone generator offers unparalleled accuracy, unwavering reliability, user-centric design, unmatched stability, and a unique pressure compensation feature. It’s the go-to choice for applications demanding precise ozone concentration measurements.At Environics, we understand the critical role that precision and reliability play in your operations. That’s why we recommend the Series 6113. Discover the difference and elevate your operations with the best in class. Explore the Series 6113 now.