Expanded Capability – Ambient Calibrator

Expanded Communication Capability Added to the Series 6000 Ambient Monitor Calibration Systems


Environics is pleased to announce the addition of expanded communications in the Series 6103 Ambient Monitor Calibration Systems.  The newly added features include:

- LEADS compatibility allows seemless integration of Environics calibrators into your existing collection system.  LEADS is a commercial system for collecting, integrating, and processing meteorological, air quality, and water quality data. 

- All remote communications are processed in the background rather than in the designated Remote Mode, promoting easier offsite control.

- New Concentration mode and Program mode configurations can easily be uploaded to the system.  This is especially useful when programming multiple units with the same configuration.

- Selectable units of measure for ozone (ppm/ppb) and pressure (PSI/mmHg) can be set to suit your needs.

 All new systems will contain these features and systems returned to Environics for service will be upgraded at no charge. 

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