Biological Atmosphere Incubation Gas Mixers

Environics® HMI-Based Computerized Gas Panel Mixing and Delivery System automatically blend gases to create gaseous atmospheres for analytical research and diagnostic purposes.  Other common applications of this Medical Gas Equipment include tissue culture, pharmaceutical preparation, fermentation and bacterial growth in the laboratory.  Each component concentration may be independently varied in response to user commands.   

Medical Gas EquipmentThe Series 3000 provides unmatched performance and capability, including:

  • Accuracy of +/- 1% and repeatability of +/- .05% of full scale.

  • Flow rates from low SCCM to several hundred SLPM

  • Easy to use Color Touch Screen and PLC

  • Standard Ethernet connection and a free software utility allow you to remotely monitor and operate the instrument over an Ethernet connection

  • A variety of options to allow a truly custom approach to yours needs.  Options include audio or visual alarms, a gas humidifier and oxygen compatible construction. NEW FEATURE! These alarms can also be emailed to keep you updated even when you are not onsite. This requires the IP address of the email sever have a static IP address. Contact Us for more information on this exciting new feature!

Additionally, our gas mixers provides cost savings, by allowing you to replace many, high cost pre-mixed gas cylinders with fewer, low cost single gas cylinders or bulk storage tanks.  Environics customers have seen these savings, with one customer's cost savings analysis projecting the system paid for itself in the first year of use.

As with all Environics systems, we pride ourselves on customizing your system for your particular needs. 

Click here to download a sample User Manual.  This manual is an example only.  Remember that each Series 3000 is customized for your particular needs.


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Below is just a small sampling of some more common gaseous atmospheres that can be generated with the Environics Series 3000.  Your system is flexible and can easily be adjusted to allow you to easily create multiple blends from the same gas cylinders.   Options such as humidification are also available.


Anaerobic Gas Mixtures

5% Carbon Dioxide*

5.5% Carbon Dioxide *

5% Carbon Dioxide, 3% Hydrogen*

5% Carbon Dioxide, 5% Hydrogen*

10% Carbon Dioxide, 5% Hydrogen*

5.5% Carbon Dioxide, 5.5% Hydrogen *

10% Carbon Dioxide, 5% Hydrogen*

10% Carbon Dioxide, 10% Hydrogen*

3% Hydrogen **

5.5% Hydrogen **

* Balance of Nitrogen;  ** Balance of Carbon Dioxide


Aerobic Gas Mixtures

5% Oxygen, 5% Carbon Dioxide *

5% Oxygen, 10% Carbon Dioxide *

2% Carbon Dioxide, 21% Oxygen*

5% Carbon Dioxide***

5% Carbon Dioxide, 10% Oxygen*

5% Carbon Dioxide, 21% Oxygen*

5.5% Carbon Dioxide ****

5.5% Carbon Dioxide ***

10% Carbon Dioxide, 2% Oxygen*

15% Carbon Dioxide, 21% Oxygen*

* Balance of Nitrogen;  *** Balance of Oxygen;  **** Balance of Air


Campylobacter Bacteria Incubation Gas Mixtures (also known as Campy Gases)

5.5% Oxygen, 5.5% Carbon Dioxide*

5% Oxygen, 10% Carbon Dioxide*

* Balance of Nitrogen